Full Service Engineering

Jeff Ausfeld, CEO

Product Engineering, Concept to Production

We handle the look and feel of a product and have been doing so for the better part of 20 years.  Our primary focus is on the outer housings, mechanics, secondary cartons, and related items from concept to manufacture.

Human factors, advice on customer appreciated features, new concept proposals for a given market, and on-shelf appeal reviews are all standard.


We handle prototyping from rough samples through to photo-ready, as well as purely digital renderings of the same.  It is not uncommon that we have several different variants in the workflow during this process.  Physical models help to narrow in on the final look as well as the features the team wishes to proceed with into production.

Manufacturing Improvements

In addition to product development engineering, we also offer a wide array of manufacturing improvements.  While we do not install factory lines from scratch, we will work with your Operational Technology team on improvements.  This will commonly take the form of new fixtures, equipment, or more efficient processes.

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